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Dr. Reema Karasneh: The impact of health literacy on self-medication: a cross-sectional outpatient study





 "The impact of health literacy on self-medication: a cross-sectional outpatient study"

Muflih SM, Bashir HN, Khader YS, Karasneh RA.


     This paper is published in "Journal of public health (Oxford, England) "

                  Publication Date: Published on: 2022 Mar 7; 



      Publisher: Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press, c2004-

      Researcher from FM/YU: Dr. Reema Karasneh 

               Dept. of Basic Medical Sciences BMS







Although health literacy practices have been increasingly recommended in public health literature, there is a lack of studies that examine the relationships between health literacy and self-medication.

Background: This research project aims to measure and evaluate the impact of health literacy on self-medication and to achieve a better understating of patients' behaviors.

Methods: A cross-sectional approach was conducted and participants were recruited outpatient clinics through convenience sampling. Health literacy was measured by Single Item Literacy Screener.

Results: A total of 194 participants agreed to participate (63.9% were females). The results showed that more than half (57.2%) had adequate health literacy. Almost 30% of the participants were over the age of 50. The prevalence of self-medication was 74.2%. Nearly, two-thirds of the total participants reported self-administration of antibiotics. There was a significant relationship between the overall health literacy level and practice of self-medication.

Conclusions: Improving the health literacy level of the public can reduce inappropriate self-medication, especially the self-medication with antibiotics, which represented a high prevalence situation in our sample. Appropriate reading skills are important for accessing health information, using health care services, and achieving desirable health outcomes.



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