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Dr. Reema Karasneh: Prevalence of Depression and the Quality-of-Life of Breast Cancer Patients in Jordan





 "Prevalence of Depression and the Quality-of-Life of Breast Cancer Patients in Jordan"

Alquraan L, Alzoubi KH, Rababa'h S, Karasneh R, Al-Azzam S, Al-Azayzih A.

     This paper is published in "Journal of multidisciplinary healthcare"

                             Publication Date: Published on: 2020 Nov 3;



      Publisher: [Auckland, N.Z.] : Dove Medical Press, c2008-

      Researcher from FM/YU: Dr. Reema Karasneh 

               Dept. of Basic Medical Sciences BMS






Objective: The objectives of the current study are to evaluate the prevalence of depression symptoms among breast cancer patients in Jordan and impact of the disease on patient's quality-of-life.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey-based study was conducted over a 6-month period among breast cancer patients attending two major hospitals in Jordan. A validated questionnaire was used to evaluate the prevalence of depression symptoms and quality-of-life aspects among those patients utilizing Beck's Depression Inventory-II score and 36-Item Survey Form (SF-36) score, respectively.

Results: The mean age±SD of patients (n=169) was 49.12±6.48 years. Depression symptoms were reported in 30.2% of patients. As for quality-of-life, the physical functioning (PF) subscale was significantly associated with the patient's age (P=0.03). The role-physical (RP) subscale was associated with number of sleeping hours (P=0.038). Marital status of breast cancer patients was significantly associated with role-emotional (RE) (P=0.015) and mental health (MH) (P=0.009) subscales. The number of patient's siblings was significantly associated with daily habits such as PF (P=0.031) and RP (P=0.005) subscales. Moreover, the occupation of patients was associated with the PF (P=0.041) and MH (P=0.049).

Conclusion: About one-third of breast cancer patients reported depression symptoms. Quality-of-life subscales among those patients were associated with multiple social and health determinants, such as age, marital status, number of siblings, occupation, and number of sleeping hours. There is urgent need to support this group of patients to help them to cope with depression symptoms and to improve their quality-of-life.



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