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 You reached us; we are the medical students in Yarmouk University (YU).

Welcome to our station in the students and graduates HUB.  Let's start cruising around our station, so you'll be familiar with us, our activities, and everything about our day by day academic life.

In the first corner you'll get acquainted with the undergraduate batches. information about each batch from the first year till the sixth year. This last lucky batch labeled (sixth year) will move every summer to the other neighbor station (Graduates Station).  Every batch will be this lucky batch with hard work and some time.

In another corner you'll get closer to us, our names and individual pictures attached to articles we write. You'll enjoy reading about our experiences in the faculty, or maybe one of us will talk about a scientific project that she/he shared in. Some of us will write a shared article as a group about an activity they 've done with their pictures during the activity in their article.

In the third trip we'll accompany you to the clubs, teams and the students union we are active in as medical students and as part of the Yarmouk University community. hmmm we will tell you about the volunteer work and the academic activities each of these clubs deals with. We'll acquiant you to a number of our colleagues who represented us outside the clubs in specific missions.

At last, you are going to find different albums of us and our activities. Although this is our station, but for sure you are going to know more about our news and the announcements that we receive from the deanship in the home page of the website. You know it's all about us, This is why we like our school.  

We hope our station will be a link between us as medical students inside Yarmouk University (YU) and between YU medical students and our colleagues in medical schools in Jordan and all over the world to strengthen the relations between the future doctors in all nations for the sake of humanity welfare.

Enjoy your time in our station.