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moayad khresheh

At the middle of the road


Forat Mowaffaq Alomoush

4th year student

Passion batch- 6th batch















Here I am, waving goodbye and leaving behind beautiful memories full of happy scenes and some unhappy ones. Different situations, Pre-exam nights, friends' meeting and lecture halls; all are memories now that I look at with smiling eyes.

Here I am today, I've reached the middle of the road, and my dream is about to embrace the truth. The first part of the story had ended, and the stage of basic medical sciences has passed. This end is just a corridor that leads to a beginning of a new stage, which is more important than the former one, a stage that puts me closer to my dream to start playing the role of a doctor who sacrifices himself and uses his knowledge to serve his community.

As the images of the three years of basic sciences pass before my eyes, I see so many memories that have participated in making the new person of me. Each year of them has its own memories. I still remember the details of the first year especially in the first semester with all fears and concerns of a newcomer to a strange world, who hopes to get rooted in this new world, to build true long lasting frienships, and to acheive his goal of academic excellence to continue the way of excellence during elementary and secondary school classes.

I remember when I first started studying the body systems with all their basic sciences, I was overwhelmed with the huge information that I've never expected to get exposed to. Thanks God I did it and passed all of them and really I forgot all the suffering when I went to the store to choose which stethoscope I will buy and which color I will choose. This moment had a magic effect that turned all the bitterness of the past hard experiences into joy and happiness.

As I am packing my stuff and my enthusiasm from a train to a new one, from the basic sciences to the clinical sciences, I believe I have to prepare myself to different kind of hardships and more efforts to exert in this new stage of my life, but also I am expecting different tastes of joy when I start training in the hospitals and meeting real patients and practicing doctors that I will for sure try to learn as much as I can from their knowledge and experiences.

My colleagues and I have passed the half of the road towards our dream, and in the next half our passion is renewing and reviving. Thanks to the person who suggested the name (Passion) to my batch. Again 'Thanks God for your generosity to help us to enroll this specialty (Medicine) that planted this passion and diligence in our souls. and we all ask His Highness for sucess and perfection in the new stage of our life we start'.



moayad khresheh

A jouney of a medical doctor

By: Moayad Alkhresheh

5th year student

Glory batch- 5th batch














Peace and blessing upon you all  

When we were little children, we were asked frequently: What do you want to be when you get older? , Our dreams were answering in our mouths, One of us answered: I want to be a police man, others will answer: I want to walk on the moon, and that little girl who used to play a school with her dolls will answer: I want to be a teacher. And that little ambitious boy said: I want to be a doctor, he said it with confidence lighting from his eyes. He studied hard to let his dream come true. He clung to his dream till he was accepted in the medical school. This little boy was myself. Now I know the road of the doctor is not that easy as it was hard before reaching its entrance.

Anyone who works in hospitals in treating people know how much difficult is this profession, how much effort he has to exert while learning, training and practicing.  You can specialize in one aspects and be an excellent doctor in that specialty but you cannot excel in every specialty. And reaching the stage of being an outstanding specialist means you spent lots of your life time working very hard. That doesn’t mean in any way to give up your dream or to to be stuck in your blue mood and dark nightmares, No, you have to use your reserve of patience, determination and positive attitude.

A temporary loss of passion could be a stage during your voyage as a doctor, but thinking of the high meanings of medicine are enough to recharge your soul and to set your passion-meter to full again. Haven’t you listen before to the saying of one of the major Islamic scholars in history “ Al-Shafe’e” : “ I know no principle more noble  after the Halal ( morally legal) and Haram (morally illegal) principle other than Medicine”. This is what I am talking about. Is there something more beautiful than a smile of thanks from a patient, or a satisfaction you feel from a patient who got an answer to a desperate question, or the pride of your parents when they see you helping people?

Yes life of a doctor is full of tension and anxiety for the sake of the health of their patients, but that’s just because of the great ambitions that time is their challenger, or the medical student who is eager to finish studying every detail of every subject but the time again is his challenger.

From being a medical student, through specializing and getting qualification till practicing and finding that you have to update and learn more, this is the journey of the medical doctor. This journey that polishes your personality every time you face a problem or you overcome a challenge. Fortunately, cooling down the flaming soul of the ambitious medical student and doctor uses the same elements of firing those flames. How? Just by looking at them from a different angle. The time challenge, the busy curriculum and the competition with yourself before competing others are your assets to overcome your frustrations. Be the friend of your time, enjoy the abundance of information and take the prize of the competition everyday by self-satisfaction and high esteem.

Be a human before you be a doctor. How beautiful to be a talented human too. Don’t push your personal gifts to the unseen side of your soul, let them grow with the great profession you choosed. They are no enemies; they are your pulleys to fly high in the sky of medicine.

At the start of my journey in medical school I wrote a lyric about this dream of being a doctor, I talked about my determination and the challenges, the obstacles and the victories during my way till I enrolled my School of Medicine/YU, It’s a long one in Arabic language. But reading the paragraphs before could tell you the meanings of the lyrics without translation.

Sleman Rawashdeh2

 A trip in the time machine to see the Medicine of Future 

By: Sleman Alrawashdeh

 4th year student 

Passion Batch - 6th batch


Peace and blessings upon you all

Iam Sleman Alrawashdeh. I'll talk today about a unique and a new experience. My colleagues Mahmoud Amayreh, Mohammad Bani Hani and Hamzel Otoum and me ( All are 4th year medical students) were honored to attend a workshop and a conference about training for medical education via innovative e-technology. This workshop was supervised by a group of local and international professors in collaboration with MediTech. This workshop inluded learning and training about virtual reality and artificial intillegence in medical teaching and medicine in general.

This workshop started from August 1st, 2021 till August 12th, 2021 in two weeks , the first week was in Jordan University @ Aqaba , this workshop was assigned for medical students. Our lecturers were some of experienced professors from many prestigious universities like Masaryk University in Czech. This first week was so special as we learnt how to communicate with people during medical preactice. and how to help patients return to the best of their normal life. 

workshop JUH1
In the second week, the workshop was held in Jordan University in Amman.  Motre audience was there in the conference hall. Many Jordanian professors from different medical , engineering and technical specialties were there. The lectures were given by doctors from Iraqi, Irani, Maltese, Czech and German universities. Lectures about virtual reality and how it benifits the clinical teaching and practice especially surgical applications. 
We visited many hospitals as part of this workshop like Islamic Hospital- Aqaba and Jordan University Hospital JUH - Amman. We cruised around ICU , CCU and operating rooms in these hospitals to see the progress in technology for the sake of better health care.
workshop JUH2
The workshop was rich in important infoemation that we need as modern medical students to keep pace with the seen development in many medical apects.This is valuable in the future as these new technologies are invading the medical field in an outstanding way. We have to be aware of these new technologies when we start practice or we'll stay behind the developed world.
In my opinion, I think Virtual reality is one of the important subjects that all medical students has to be aware of. It will be our near future as well as our far future.Even in the present we can see the rise of some applications of VR in the medical field.
I advise my dear colleagues to share in workshops and conferences as an extracurricular activity inside and outside the university. This will enrich our information and build our experience. Another benifit of attending such activities is getting to know professors and great doctors from prestigious international universities that will open new windows for our university students who look for specialization abroad. 


abullah alali resized

An experience of a medical student

By: Abdullah  Al-ali 

5th year student

Glory batch- 5th batch


Studying medicine is a dream of lots of people, I was one of them. My dream turned into a reality after God blessed me to enroll Yarmouk University in Jordan to study in its medical school.
When we talk about an experience of a medical student, I shouldn't ignore this common question that every medical student encounter in any gathering wherever it is and whatever the occasion is:  Did studying medicine affect your life? and how?
Before answering this question, I'll talk from my humble experience as a medical student about medicine. Medicine is one of the most interesting and complicated things that you could experience. Interesting in that you enjoy understanding minute fascinating and amazing things that happen in your own body at all levels, that you'll never get your mind busy with if you don't study medicine. This body is highly sophisticated in all missions that each of its structures do. So I think this is how it is interesting, enjoyable and complex.
Now I'll go back to the question I always face when I meet people.The question about the effect of studying medicine on my life. The first answer that comes to my mind is TENSION, Yes, tension become your friend that accompanies you all the time, Why? 
 Because as a medical student you have to get tons of information in a short period of time. These information are inte-related and accumulative. and you have to get all of them understood and sometimes memorized or at least present in mind once you need them. The basic sciences part of medicine is huge and the clinical part is not in any way less huge. You have to challenge yourself to understand yourself.
If you want to rely on the idea of time mangement, Oh my god, it is not easy. whatever you do,  time is always ahead of you. the books are never ending, the diseases and their symptoms are with no limits and the questions are endless too.
If you take rest, you'll get late. If you want to stop, your conscience will hurt you badly.
So you can lierally say  'Medicine becomes your own life'.
Now i'll leave clear cut points as a person who spent just few years in this field:
1- Medicine is not like any other branch of science, medicine is a way of life. Time will confirm that to you sooner or later.
2- If you want to be a doctor, The doctor has to remember that he is a human dealing with humans, if he deals with his job as a source of more money, then he'll be a greedy person who exchanges the pains of patients into money in his bank account. Be human.
3- The patient's body is not a dummy that you test your knowledge with, He is a human being like you. 
4- If you felt bored of too much studying, remember that patients are not only bored of their diseases but they are also in pain. you'll be their hope. so be patient, then their smiles will let you forget all of your tiredness and boredom.
5- Medicine is like an inter-related structure. you have to be sure it is all strong. If you ignored some columns the structure will fall down. you won't be reliable anymore.
6- You can't learn medicine just by theory. Apply your knowledge,  For example, Anatomy knowledge has to be applied in the anatomy lab. The internal medicine lecture will be just words if not seen and applied in internal medicine ward in the hospital, etc.
7- Our doctors used to say (In Medicine, Common thing is common), So you have to study the (Common) first when you prepare yourself to any exam.
8- Many students miss their lectures to study at home. It's not a good idea, In the lecture the doctor teaches us the most important points and what we have to understand first to build on it and to relate this to other information with examples from the true life, a thing that you will not read in the book. So please rearrange your priorities. 
9- Studying in groups especially with a group of colleauges you like is fun and benificial, but unify your break times, so you won't end in a whole session of continuous breaks.This is a personal experience. 
10- Don't think about post graduate future while you are still a medical student. Just enjoy your time as a student and enjoy getting new information.
11- It is believed or let's say (misbelieved) that the doctor is imprisoned by his lab-coat and that being socially isolated is his fate. No, this is wrong. In my opinion the doctor has to leave some margin to his social life, that makes him accessible to the society. Be social as much as you can but don't oversocialize at the expense of your responsibilities. Be balanced.
12- They say: " The doctor has to be a good listener", Yeaaa , They will come desperate to tell you the story of their illness, please listen to them, they need that.
13- It is benificial to listen to your seniors about their experiences, but in no way what they say is for granted. This is their experience with their own circumstances. You have to have your own experiences and to have your own choices in your life.
14- Last point:  Medicine is a life long lesson. So every time you feel your energy is down, you have to refresh your intention , recharge your power and fly higher in the sky of science.
My colleague the doctor-to-be , please don't forget the meaning of that verse in the holy Quran when Allah says: " and whoever saves a life, it would be as though he saved the lives of all humans".