The Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine offers many educational and training facilities for students through classrooms equipped with the latest educational teaching aids:

  • Anatomy Laboratory: Fully equipped with human body equipment and models and in Anatomage Table. 

  • Physiology Laboratory: Equipped with full equipment, equipment, and facilities used in physiological tests and training.

  • Pathology Laboratory: Equipped with modern microscopes, computer screens for all students

  • Microbiology Laboratory: Equipped with all facilities for the preparation and cultivation of microbiological samples in addition to public safety facilities. 

  • Clinical Skills Laboratory: An integrated laboratory equipped with all clinical skills needed by clinical students to simulate clinical conditions.



Note: It is expected to move to the building of the new Faculty of Medicine at the beginning of 2018. This building contains the latest equipment related to classrooms, smart halls and laboratories in the fields of teaching and research, in addition to the existence of large stands for teaching and conferences