Under the patronage of Faculty of medicine in collaboration with the deanship of students affairs , A group of medical students held an awareness activity about breast cancer and the importance of early screening. The activity was held on Tuesday 29/10/2019 in Prince Al Hussein Ben Abdullah halls complex. 

The activity was attended by students who were educated about the importance of early screening in breast cancer , the symptoms and the course of this disease. Brochures and pink ribbons were distributed.

The deans of faculty of medicine Prof. Wesam Shihadeh and deanship of students affairs Dr. Amal Nusair honored the activity with their care. They talked to the students and listened to their comments. 

The deans' council of Jordan University of Science and Technology has decided to promote Dr. Khaldoon Bashaireh , the dean of Faculty of Medicine , YU to the rank of 'Professor' .  Dr. Bashaireh is specialized in Orthopedic Surgery and knee surgeries from Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz , Germany. 

The family of the faculty congratulates Prof. Bashaireh and wishes him the best in his career. 

The deans' council in Yarmouk University has decided to promote Dr. Waleed Al Momani , the head of Department of Basic Sciences , and Dr. Hakam Al-Khateeb , a faculty member in the same department to the rank of ' Professor'. 

Prof. Al Momani is specialized in Microbiology and Prof. Al Khateeb is specialized in Physiology.

The family of the faculty congratulates both professors and wishes them the best in their career. 

The Dean of faculty of medicine- YU, Dr. Khaldoon Bashaireh met a group of the faculty's medical graduates in the deanship this week. He welcomed them and showed them some plans to strengthen the ties between the faculty and the new doctors who graduate from YU school of medicine. The plans aim to support our graduates in starting their career in the medical field inside and outside Jordan.

Then each of the graduates who represent their colleagues gave their suggestions and ideas about the ways of connection and support they expect for the benefit of both the graduates and the students still in school. 

The meeting was attended by the vice dean Prof. Zain AlAbideen Abdullah and the dean's assistant for the scientific research and graduates affairs Dr. Medhr Al-Zoubi

Dr. Medhr Al-Zoubi was assigned as a dean assistant for scientific research, international relations and graduate affairs, starting from this semester.  Dr. Al-Zoubi is an associate professor in the department of basic sciences in the Faculty of Medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology. 

Faculty of Medicine - YU held a farewell ceremony for Prof. Wissam Shihadeh the ex-Dean on Wednsday Sept. 2nd, 2020. The ceremony was under the patronage of the President of Yarmouk University Prof. Zaydoon Kafafi. It was attended by the vice presidents and the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Dr. Khaldoon Bashaireh and the academic and the administrative staff

The celebration started with a speech by the Dean of the faculty of medicine , who welcomed the president , the vice presidents and the ex-Dean. He mentioned the achievements of the faculty since its establishment and though the period of the ex-Dean Dr. Shihadeh. then Dr. Bashaireh highlighted the aspirations of the faculty of medicine in the future till it becomes a prominent figure in the middle east. 

Prof. Kafafi, the president then gave a speech thanked Prof. Wissam for his work during his period  as a dean, and he welcomed Dr. Bashaireh in his new position. the president talked about the univeristy's hard work to establish the university hospital in the near future to be the place where our students get clinical training during their studies. 

Dr. Wissam thanked the President and his deputies , as well as the Dean and the academic and the administrative staff for this gesture of appreciation. He wished the faculty more and more of achievements in the future. 

Finally , The President delivered Prof. Shihadeh the shield of the university. Dr. Bashaireh as well delivered Dr. Shihadeh the shield of the faculty.