Faculty of Medicine Campus



The Faculty of Medicine at Yarmouk University was established in the 2013/2014 academic year. This is to provide Jordan, the region and the world with qualified and responsible doctors who contribute to health care and scientific research. The campus of the Faculty of Medicine is located within the campus of Yarmouk University, the second university in Jordan, established in 1976.


The Faculty's campus is a modern building contains tens of classrooms equipped with modern teaching facilities and many conference halls. It also includes various laboratories with the latest designs and newest technology for basic medical sciences and the clinical skills lab, as well as the computers labs.


This is from the inside of the building, while outside it, there are squares where various students' activities and celebrations are held in the open air. It is also a place for students to rest between their lectures and their laboratories.


As for the hospitals in which the students are trained, Our school of Medicine has concluded multiple agreements with the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services - Military Hospitals -, the King Hussein Cancer Center and the International Medical Corps, which supervises clinics all over Jordan. Another agreement is active with the private health sector too. These agreements aim to expose students to various medical conditions to learn to deal with them and increase their practical experience when they carry the banner and become doctors after their graduation.


Regarding the teaching faculty, the staff were carefully selected, as they are distinguished doctors and researchers who excel in their specializations, graduates of prestigious internationally recognized universities, and trainees in the most famous hospitals in the world. This is in addition to the external scholarships for distinguished graduates of our school of medicine and other medical schools in Jordan to be part of our team when they finish their scholarships.


The Yarmouk University campus has several advantages, as it includes among its borders all the faculties with the scientific, human studies, medical and engineering specializations. This gives it the status of an inclusive university in which students communicate in a real community on campus as well as outside. The second advantage of Yarmouk University campus is its location in the center Irbid (The city where our school is located), It is the main city in the north of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is called (The Bride of the North).


 This city has a rich history. Some ancient civilizations; Roman and Islamic had their homes in Irbid and the regions around it, the evidence of which is still present to this day. It is also surrounded by a belt of countryside that adds to its beauty and moderate atmosphere most of the year times. Irbid is now a lively and young modern city, as six major university centers reside in - two public universities, two private universities and two university colleges - and this gives it an active life due to the presence of thousands of university students living in it. Irbid is known of the availability of youth hostels and housing, the restaurants, the cafes and all the facilities the students need in their university life.


The university and Faculty of Medicine receive Jordanian students from inside Jordan or expatriates outside it. It is also proud of the presence of numbers of international students from different continents who enjoy the warmth of residence and the hospitality from everyone in the city. There is a special office for the care of international students at the university and a meeting place for them within the Deanship of Student Affairs. 


The Faculty of Medicine at Yarmouk University aspires to be a center for medical scientific research and distinguished medical training. Our graduates have started enrolling in residency programs in Jordan and some developed countries such as the United States, Britain and Germany.


The Faculty of Medicine/YU has graduated three batches until the summer of 2021, the first of which was at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.


We welcome your inquiries and in the finest details that you’d like to know about studying medicine in our medical school, the academic life in Yarmouk University and the university life in Irbid (Bride of North).