Date of Publication May 2nd, 2021

Dear 6th year Medical students:  


In pursuit of Faculty of Medicine YU to give our students the maximum benifit and to allow them complete the clinical training in hospitals after a period of online learning due to the last outburst of COVID19, The faculty administration decided the following preocedures for the sake of using the available training facilities at their best with a meticulous consideration of the high health standards in term of number of students in each facility and at a time.

The time of compensation will be at the lower limit but to the highest probable benifit of exposure to patients and clinical instructors. Considering both the valuable clinical training and the ideal time of graduation that won't interfere with the start of internship year that will start after completion of final exams as scheduled.

The following procedures should be respected and followed strictly:

1- The batch will be divided into four groups , each group consists of 54 to 56 students and the groups will be appointed to the four majors of sixth year ( Medicine, Surgery, Obs. & Gyne and Pediatrics).

2- Each group will be divided into 4 subgroups , each subgroup will consist of 14-15 students.

3- Two clinical instructors will be responsible for each subgroup, So the subgroup will again be divded into smaller group of 7 to 8 students

4- General Surgery and Internal Medicine training facilities are: 1- Princess Basma Hospital. 2- Jerash Governmental Hospital  3- Clinical skills Lab in the Faculty of Medicine Campus

   Obs. & Gyne training facilities are: 1- Princess Badea Hospital of its two wards ( Labour ward and Obs. & Gyne. ward). 2- Jerash Governmental Hospital

   Pediatrics training facilities  are: 1- Princess Rahmah Hospital and 2- Yarmouk Governmental Hospital.

5- Regarding transportation between the Campus and hospitals:

  - For Jerash Governmental hospital , the 45 students going there daily will be divided into two buses, each of which the capacity is 45 passengers, so each bus will take just half of its capacity ( i.e. 20-25 students)

- 15 students who are assigned to Yarmouk Governmental hospital  will ride a bus with a capacity of 26 passengers.

6- All students should stick to the general safety measures ( putting face masks all the time , periodic hands sanitizations by alcohol and other effective hand sanitizers., avoid the isolation wards , and keep spacing among themselves and others.

7- No way , Two smllest groups of 7 are allowed to gather for clinical rounds. This absolute prohibition is set to get the maximum scientific and training benifit and to keep with the rules of health and safety.

Faculty of Medicine set those rules for your benifit, We are working to protect your health, as well as to bave the way of your future career as you are our near future doctors. We are looking to prepare you with the best preparation needed to get the positions you hope and deserve not only inside Jordan but in all the reputable centers in the world. We depend on your sense of responsibility in this compensation period, as we believe in you as role models in this worldwide health crisis. We are happy to hear from you any feedback you think could benifit the whole batch. 



                                                        Deanship of Faculty of Medicine/ YU