Few words about  Faculty of Medicine-YU

The Faculty of Medicine at Yarmouk University was established in the academic year 2013/2014. The first batch graduated in the summer of 2019. The number of accepted students is increasing year by year. from about 200 students in the first batch to a number more than 800 in the academic year 2019-2020. The trust of the community, the governmental bodies and the educational institutions in Jordan and the world strengthens our belief in this faculty to be a factor of development and welfare for our country.
Our general strategic plan is designed as follows


Provide the world with elite safe and competent medical doctors armed with knowledge, clinical training and the ability to implement research work and guarded with ethics and the responsibility toward humanity. 


Our Vision

To become a highly regarded, culturally diverse medical school in the region, with a friendly environment and a mind stimulating learning strategies.


 We value

  • Student Interaction: we encourage our students to have their input in the teaching-learning process, to serve the community and to enrich their life experiences

  • Good Morals: not only as personal traits, but as a professional attitude too, Ethics and Integrity of the person and the group have to be maintained.

  • Excellence: we value our students’ creativity, In-Campus and out-of-Campus work and achievements, and involvement in research.

  • Staff Success: Our Faculty staff are fully supported to create, research, develop in their career, serve the university and community and to build a healthy environment for teaching.


Our Mission:

  • We educate our students in a way that they will engage in the medical career with no beginner’s barriers. The theoretical knowledge is integrated with the clinical experience that they got from the mentors' experiences and from their own clinical practice in the hospitals. The student has the right to get answered about the clinical importance of any scientific information.

  • We try to create the best environment for Research, for both our teaching staff and students. Looking forward to increase our researchers impact and citation to the level of the best medical schools.

  • We encourage the research work that will benefit the community and improve the level of health services in Jordan, Middle East and the world.




The Faculty of Medicine at Yarmouk University aims to:

1. Graduate competent doctors armed with scientific and practical knowledge.

2. Keep pace with the latest developments in the field of education and scientific research.

3. Encourage and develop scientific research among students and faculty members.

4. Do community service.

5. Cooperate with the various health sector institutions.

6. Contribute to raising the level of medical education locally and regionally.

7. Establish the principles of professional responsibility to provide safe medical care with best practices and within the framework of professional ethics.


Our Priorities:

  • Get benefit of all the teaching facilities available in the campus and out of the campus; In-Campus: the lecture halls, the auditoriums, the different basic sciences labs, the computer labs, the clinical skills labs and the library, Out-of-Campus: Hospitals affiliated with the Yarmouk University - Faculty of Medicine, the heath centers and the specialized clinics and all of their facilities.

  • To consider quality assurance systems to test every service offered by the Faculty of Medicine -YU either an academic, an administrative, a technical or an ancillary service (i.e. cleanliness , sterilization and hospitality).

  • Each student has the faculty’s priority to get the best teaching facilities, time and personnel. We offer the best and equal chances for all.

  • Activation of the agreements with the different health bodies in Jordan; Ministry of Health , Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Medical Center and Jordan University of Science and Technology to help our students and staff to get and give the best of what they can.

  • Work in the plan of getting our own university hospital soon




Our Areas To Continue To Improve:

  • To recruit the best quality academic staff of all academic ranks to match the universally acceptable student-to-faculty ratio and to cope with the increasing student enrollment rate.

  • To equalize our faculty rights and privileges with all their colleagues in Jordan universities.

  • Our collaboration, with other faculties in the university, other faculties of medicine, the health bodies in Jordan and the academic and health bodies worldwide.

  • Our research space, equipment and facilities, both for basic sciences and clinical sciences.

  • Our ability to sponsor and send our graduates for scholarships for higher education and training, to recruit them later to convey the message to the new generations


  • To keep and strengthen our relations with our graduates when they are in the field, wherever they are , whatever they specialize in and whenever both sides agreed on.