Faculty of Medicine Campus2                                                                              


Our general strategic plan is designed as follows

Our Vision

To be recognized locally, regionally and globally for excellence in medical education, research and contributions to patient care and community services.


Our Mission:

To cultivate a student-centered learning, teaching, and research environment which fosters excellence in medical education, scientific research, clinical care and community service.

To develop student’s competencies to gain the ability of conducting clinical and biomedical research, and practicing   evidence based medicine to prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses; preparing them to lifelong learning.



 Integrity and Professionalism

To be honest and responsible to provide safe, effective, culturally sensitive, and ethical healthcare practices.


Leadership and Collegiality

To be a role model by influencing others to collaborate and communicate effectively to make a positive impact.


 Excellence and Creativity

To implement the best practices by applying evidence-based medicine and creatively addressing health challenges, improving healthcare quality, and conducting high-quality research.


 Inclusion and diversity

To respect and value different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


 Equity and equality

To treat everyone equally, reduce disparities in education and healthcare, and meet the needs of students, patients and community.



Strategic Goals (Objectives):


- Obtaining local and international accreditation.    

Obtain local and international accreditation by supplementing, enhancing and updating the academic, administrative and technical services and testing those using internationally adopted quality assurance and development systems

- Expanding the Faculty’s facilities and amenities.

Optimum use of available educational and research facilities and learning tools.

Provide elective training programs for students and graduates.

Implement of the agreements signed with various health and academic institutions.

- Recruiting highly qualified faculty members.

Recruit elite academic staff of different academic ranks from Jordan and abroad.

Provide Scholarships and supports to faculty’s graduates in both basic medical sciences and clinical specialties according to faculty’s needs preparing them to continue teaching and learning process.

- Encourage and develop scientific research among faculty members and students

- Establishing a large network locally, globally and internationally

Increase cooperation with non-medical faculties at Yarmouk University.

Increase collaboration with other faculties of medicine and academic bodies nationally and internationally.

- Expanding postgraduate continuous learning activities.

Motivate the students to sustain continuous learning initiatives during study and after graduation.

- Maintaining communication channels with the Faculty Alumni.

Maintain communication with alumni.

Encourage students and alumni communication

- Improving medical education quality.

Establish a medical education department and a specialized examination center.

- Contribute to community service.


Our Priorities:

  • Get benefit of all the teaching facilities available in the campus and out of the campus; In-Campus: the lecture halls, the auditoriums, the different basic sciences labs, the computer labs, the clinical skills labs and the library, Out-of-Campus: Hospitals affiliated with the Yarmouk University - Faculty of Medicine, the heath centers and the specialized clinics and all of their facilities.

  • To consider quality assurance systems to test every service offered by the Faculty of Medicine -YU either an academic, an administrative, a technical or an ancillary service (i.e. cleanliness , sterilization and hospitality).

  • Each student has the faculty’s priority to get the best teaching facilities, time and personnel. We offer the best and equal chances for all.

  • Activation of the agreements with the different health bodies in Jordan; Ministry of Health , Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Medical Center and Jordan University of Science and Technology to help our students and staff to get and give the best of what they can.

  • Work in the plan of getting our own university hospital soon




Our Areas To Continue To Improve:

  • To recruit the best quality academic staff of all academic ranks to match the universally acceptable student-to-faculty ratio and to cope with the increasing student enrollment rate.

  • To equalize our faculty rights and privileges with all their colleagues in Jordan universities.

  • Our collaboration, with other faculties in the university, other faculties of medicine, the health bodies in Jordan and the academic and health bodies worldwide.

  • Our research space, equipment and facilities, both for basic sciences and clinical sciences.

  • Our ability to sponsor and send our graduates for scholarships for higher education and training, to recruit them later to convey the message to the new generations


  • To keep and strengthen our relations with our graduates when they are in the field, wherever they are , whatever they specialize in and whenever both sides agreed on.