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The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Board of Faculty of Medicine held a meeting with a group of our medical students from all academic years, representing their colleagues, within its periodic meetings with all members of the Faculty of Medicine, including faculty members, administrative staff and students, as well as with representatives of the local community, which represents an organic partnership with the FM/YU. This meeting with the medical students came to introduce them to the faculty’s steps in the field of quality assurance and accreditation and their main and essential role in it, as they are the focus of the academic process, and their graduation as doctors at a high level of competence is the most important goal of our medical school goals. The meeting took place in the Blue Hall on the campus of the Faculty of Medicine on Wednesday morning, June 15th, 2022.


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The meeting began with a speech from the Dean of the College, Prof. Khaldoon Bashaireh, who welcomed the students and saluted them for their keenness to upgrade their school to be at the best levels, which will benefit them during their presence there as students and after their graduation as doctors. The Dean offered his congratulations to his daughters and sons who graduated this year after the decision was issued to graduate them by the Deans Council with the degree of MD. As the first batch to graduate with this degree after the accredited degree was MB.BS. Dr. Bashaireh asked our students to actively contribute by giving their opinions frankly in each questionnaire distributed to them at the end of each course, and he explained to them that his office is open as it has always been for any student who wants to present a problem, suggestion or inquiry to the Deanship.


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Then Dr. Nisreen Bataineh, the Dean Assistant for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Affairs, spoke to the students and introduced them to the quality program in the school, stressing on that they are the most important part of this program and that their views are the deanship’s guide to development in various fields of medical education. Dr. Bataineh alerted the students about the necessity of their presence in the curriculum development committees and other various quality assurance committees. Representatives of them have been appointed already in these committees.


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After Dr. Nisreen’s speech, the opportunity was given to the students to share their ideas.  They presented their perceptions of improving the level of academic education and their aspirations for what they see in their interest during their university studies and after their graduation. The Dean and his assistant answered the students’ inquiries and their suggestions were written down for discussion in the various committees of the school. Continuous and regular communication in different means including face to face meetings will stay as deanship’s policy.


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