message to hope batch



The Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine congratulates our students, their mothers and fathers for the issuance of the Deans Council’s decision on  June 16th, 2022 graduating the fourth batch of students from the Faculty of Medicine at Yarmouk University. And we pray to God that you, as graduates and new doctors will be keen on the message of this humanitarian profession ( Medicine) that you are previlged to belong to; in terms of relieving people’s pain and aches, keen on continuing education and learning, keen to serve our society, realizing that the next steps in this journey require more effort to exert in the search for an opportunity to get accepted in specialization in local and international residency programs.

Today you hold a medical degree (M.D.) and after a few days you'll start your work as intern doctors . Here, the doctor must plan a course for his life in hier/his career and to start from the first day in thinking about his future and getting the best of the available opportunities in specialization in spite of the competition that exists with the increasing number of medical graduates in Jordan and the world. I expect our graduates to create opportunities by taking different international exams and ​​learning and practicing research work that we all know  its role in improving the chances of getting accepted in international programs.  All my sincere prayers for all of you my daughters and sons, with best wishes of a bright future full of successes and excellence.My respect and love for you all, your families and the cadres that brought you to this new stage.

 Prof. Khaldoon Bashaireh / Dean of the Faculty of Medicine - Yarmouk University