The Faculty of Medicine participated in the activities of the “German Day- Deutscher Tag” , which was held by the Department of Modern Languages ​​at the Faculty of Arts - Yarmouk University in cooperation with the German Embassy and the German Cultural Exchange Authority DAAD. The cultural day was held on Tuesday May 24th, 2022. Dr. Adel Al-Shari represented the Faculty of Medicine in this grand activity. Dr. Alshari is an assistant professor in orthopedic surgery and traumatology- Clinical Medical Sciences ( CMS) department.

the cultural events in this day were under the auspices of Prof. Musa Raba’a, Dean of the Faculty of Arts,  in the presence of the head of the Department of Modern Languages, Prof. Hussain Al-Raheel, and German language teachers, Prof. Mahmoud Al-Ali, Dr. Nabil Al-Awawdeh, Dr. Lamia Hammad, Director of the Language Center, and a number of faculty members from the department and the university. On the German side, the events were attended by Mr. Benjamin Schmeling, Director of the German Cultural Exchange Authority, and Mrs. Rahma Al-Tawara. A group of students in the department participated actively in the day events. 

It is worth noting that many of the faculty members at the Faculty of Medicine are graduates of some of the best German universities and practiced medicine in their university hospitals and are fluent in the German language.