The meetings of the Advisory Board for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in the Faculty of Medicine continue with faculty departments’ members. On the morning of Sunday, June 5, 2022, a meeting took place with members of the Clinical Medical Sciences Department(CMS).






The meeting began with a welcoming speech from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine FM/YU, Dr. Khaldoon Bashaireh, who explained to the attendees what the committees emanating from the Quality Assurance Council reached and the steps that the FM/YU must take towards an exemplary situation in framing all its activities within the quality assurance systems and what everyone should do as a team in the next stage to overcome the entitlements of renewal of local and international accreditation and the execution of the entitlement of reaching the international quality standards in  the educational process, scientific research and community service.




Then Dr. Nesreen Bataineh, Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Affairs, spoke to the audience about the standards adopted by international and Jordanian accreditation bodies. and the work of the committees for developing the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s)  in FM/YU  and the necessity to link all courses’ learning outcomes (CLO’s) to the PLO’s adopted for our school.




Then Dr. Mohammad Al-Zoubi, Assistant Dean for Clinical Training Affairs spoke about the academic program standard as the most weighty standard in evaluating medical programs and faculties by accreditation bodies, and he explained to the attendees the details of the academic program in FM/YU.




Then, Dr. Zain Alabideen Abdullah, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, talked about the methods of evaluating exams and their results, and about the work of the examination committee in our medical school according to quality standards, while documenting all evaluation stages and the evaluation recommendations.




A speech by Dr. Mazhar Al-Zoubi, Assistant Dean for Scientific Research Affairs, Graduates and International Relations followed. He talked about the scientific research standard and the importance of framing it according to quality standards and placing these frameworks within reach of all researchers in the school; students or teachers, so that everyone can proceed in the scientific research process in a clear and steady way that advances the level of YU medical school in the field of scientific research.




The turn of Dr. Asma'a M. Al-Mnayyis, Assistant Dean for Development and Clinical Medical Education Affairs, to talk about the standard of community service and the importance of documenting the activities of the school and all its members in community service. and organizing these efforts for the advancement of our society. Dr. Asma’a explained the methods of documentation in her speech.





It was agreed to accelerate and condense the work of committees for quality assurance and accreditation in FM/YU, while giving each individual the opportunity to give his suggestions and benefit from his talents and to have an important role in the success of the school’s efforts by making all its steps compatible with international quality systems to achieve the school’s vision to be in a prominent position locally and globally.