IFMSA-Jo Yarmouk University local committee held an activity for medical students in one of the cafes in Irbid on Wednsday May 18th, 2022 . The project titled: armed with skills , the steps 2 and 3 of this project which were performed in this activity were (Splinting + injections and blood draw).

The splinting and casting part was supervised by Dr. Mohammad Akram Awwad , the orthopedic surgeon and the assistant professor in Department of Clinical Medical Sciences (CMS)- Faculty of Medicine/YU. Dr. Awwad gave a breif presentation about history of orthopedic surgery and the idea of splinting fractures as a first aid or casting as a treatment or part of treatment. Then he talked to the audience about the difference between casting materials, showig them the materials and how to do round casts and slabs in a proper way. then a casting workshop began where in each group of students, number of them did casting on eachother.

The other part of the workshop was about injections and blood draw and it was supervised by Mr. Saleh Abu Dalo who taught the students about the different techniques of giving injections , and the various types of needles and drugs before teaching the participants how to draw blood , in a safe and sterilized environment .

The organizing committee consisted of the students; Hashem Mansi , Tariq Haddad , Muneer Rawagah , Mohammad Dairy , Sleman Abu Alhayja’ , Mohammad Masadeh , Noor Bader , Thurayya Hani , Rahma Altamimi , Hashem Gharaybeh , Ali Omar and Nizar Hazaimeh.