egypt 11


The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Khaldoon Bashaireh, discussed with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Suez Canal University in the sisterly Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Ahmed El-Sakka, in the presence of the Head of the Medical Education Department at Suez Canal University, Dr. Wagdy Talaat, ways to enhance academic cooperation, which will reflect positively on the level of education medical in Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Al-Sakka and Dr. Talat presented before Dr. Al-Bashaireh the work of the Medical Education Department, as one of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine at Suez Canal University, and its role in keeping pace with recent developments in medical education and developing medical curricula and assessment tools, especially since this department at Suez Canal University is considered the first at the level of Arab universities, as it is the first in terms of awarding a master's degree in cooperation with the Dutch University of Maastricht.

On a related level, Al-Bashaireh participated in the first international conference at the level of the sisterly Arab Republic of Egypt in medical education, a conference attended by many deans of medical faculties and presidents of Egyptian universities and some Arab Gulf countries, where the latest methods in medical education were presented. Many international experts  from United States of America and Arabic region discussed the latest methods and scientific experiences in the field of medical education.

Prof. Al-Bashaireh said that, "based on the vision and philosophy of Yarmouk University,  Faculty of Medicine is preparing to build many relationships and networking with a number of Arab and international universities for the purpose of moving forward in developing its academic career and keeping pace with recent developments in light of the many activities that it organized inside the campus , such as the workshop sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding the future of medical education in Jordan, and hosting the Vice President of the Saudi Association for Medical Education, and lately hosting the Head of Breast Cancer Department at Cleveland Hospital Abu Dhabi".