Aiming at the development of the academic and professional performance of the teaching staff of Faculty of Medicine; Yarmouk University and its Faculty of Medicine hosted a scientific meeting under the patronage of the president of Yarmouk University Prof. Islam Massad  and the Dean of Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Khaldoun Bashaireh on Wednesday March 9th, 2022. The guest and the lecturer in this meeting was Dr. Muna Al-Shaikh, the head of medical education department in Imam Abdul-Rahman Bin Faisal university, and the vice president of the Saudi Society of medical education. 

The meeting started with a short speech of the Dean , who thanked the president, and welcomed Dr.Muna Al-Shaikh and the audience and presented the president to give his speech.

Prof. Islam Massad in his turn welcomed the guest and pointed to her experience in the field of medical education and thanked her for her enthusiasm to give the faculty a fundemental part of her experience. Dr. Massad stressed on the importance of the new methods of medical education to get the excellence of our faculty of medicine to get distinguished among faculties of medicine in Jordan and the region especially the ones which preceeded us by decades.  He added, that this competition is for the benifit of the new generations of doctors and excellence of medical education and health system. 

Then Dr. Al-Shaikh started her interactive lecture about planning curriculums , program learning objectives , outcomes and how to evaluate the process of teaching and the performance of medical students. The guest answered the questions of faculty members and listened to suggestions, concerns and the aspirations of the teaching staff in the faculty. 

Dr. Muna Al-Shaik received the shield of Yarmouk Universuty for her special work in medical education and for expressing her willingness to help our faculty of medicine in this field.