On Thursday Dec. 16th, 2021, Prof. Islam Massad, the president of Yarmouk University met the teaching staff of Clinical Medical Sciences-CMS department in the presence of Prof. Khaldoon Bashireh, the Dean, Prof. Zain Al-Abideen Abdulla, the vice dean and Dr. Hasan Albalas , the head of CMS department.

First, the president talked to the teaching staff about the development of the curriculum and the alterations needed to cope with the modern medical education especially with the increasing numbers of medical students enrolling the faculties of medicine in Jordan. and he stressed on the importance of  excellence in this issue in our school of medicine. Then Prof. Massad touched on the topic of clinical education and training and the clinical practice of the clinical teaching staff in the teaching hospitals and training centers. 

Prof. Bashaireh the dean then lighted some points concering the future of clinical training in the faculty of medicine. An open and frank discussion took place between the teaching staff and the administration where questions and inquiries were answered by the YU President.