The Dean of FM/YU, to his right Ms. Maisa Nader , the secretary of Orthopedic Surgery Council, then Professors of Orthopedics Dr. Khalid Faraj/ Libya and Dr. Issam Almaghrebi/Syria


Prof. Khaldoon Bashaireh, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine/YU participated in the Arab board exam of orthopedic surgery affiliated with the Arab council of health specialties. The December 2021 exam session was held in the campus of the educational center of Ain Shams University . Cairo-Egypt.



Prof. Bashaireh with Professors of Orthopedics Dr. Issam Almaghrebi/ Syria and Dr. Osama Shazeli /Egypt



Prof. Khalddon Bashaireh with Prof. Hani Basiouni the Dean of Faculty of Medicine/ Qena University-Egypt