Faculty of Medicine @ Yarmouk University is pleased to announce the launch of the new edition of its website in the internet. This step is one of many to develop and improve the quality of communication between the faculty of medicine/YU and the world represented by institutions or persons. We tried our best to integrate the information availability, the subjects' diversity, the ease of browsing, the involvement of our students and graduates in the editing of this website and finally the benefit for our students, teaching and administrative personnel and our guests from all over the world.


new site en


 The website guest can browse through the main menu through all the titles and the submenues that contain valuable information about our medical school as a close-up view of our school of medicine, its strategy, vision, mission, objectives, and personnel, the departments and their branches and the teaching staff. each staff member has her/his own page where all her/his professinal and acdemic information are mentioned as well as her/his links to google scholar and Research Gate pages. Her/His contact information are available in the personal page.

A unique hub for our students and graduates is part of the main menu and the guest can find it directly also in the Home page as a direct window. Quality assurance and accreditation issues and committes have their own submenu. and finally the the (contact us) corner where our guests find the contact information to reach us anytime and from any spot of the world.




 We increased the capacity of the Home page much more than the last edition, Now you can find five rows instead of two with all the information requirements to fill them. We tried our best to introduce the website visitors to different aspects of our medical school like the research summaries of our staff, the code of ethics of our faculty, the table of important links for the students ( the e-learning and exams platforms and their own e-accounts in the univeristy) and the links for the staff, the faculty in the media, the medical conference of the faculty and some changing subjects like ( Against COVID-19) and the subject that we honor our former deans with in the homepage now during this launch celebration season, knowing that the same subject is already permanently placed in the submenu of (About Faculty) in the main menu. 

We hope this edition will be useful and fun for our visitors, and we urge you all to send us your feedback, notes about any negative issue and suggestions for improvement. We call our students and graduates to share in their website with their articles, news and pictures. and we hope they will help the website of their school to be better and better as much as this medical school is proud of its students and graduates.

Finally, The deanship of Faculty of Medicine presents with appreciation many thanks to the members of 'the committee of Faculty of Medicine Website' one by one , and many thanks to the staff of Computer and Information Center in Yarmouk University for the great help.