second session1


The second session of the workshop (Electronic exams using Moodle and E-learning platforms) was held on Thursday May 20th, 2021.  The session started by a breif welcome speech by Prof. Zain Alabideen Al-abdulla the Vice-Dean of Faculty of Medicine, who welcomed the faculty members of Clinical Medical Sciences CMS department and Dr. Ahmad Klaib the assistant professor in the faculty of I.T. and Computer Sciences. He thanked Dr. Klaib and his faculty for the continuous cooperation between the two faculties.

The session started with a quick treview of what has been given in the first session, then he explained what remained of the technical issues that were not discussed in the first session like using all the platforms credited by the university for the sake of electronic exams, the backup process, the restore and transfer of the information in and between the templates, the way of establishing multiple forms , the access restriction if needed,  the gardes and their statistical analysis and other valuable information.

Interactive discussion between the lecturer and the CMS faculty members followed and questions were raised and solutions were given for the difficulties exposed  after the CMS faculty members have started using the platforms after the first session. The discussion was fruiful with all wishes to have a susccesful and fair final exam season. 


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