Date of publication 19-May- 2021

This is a circular letter for our students and faculty members regarding the final exams of the clinical years ( 4th, 5th and 6th) in Faculty of Medicine/ YU 

At the start, Congratulations for the happy Eid Al Fitr , we wish you the best in your lives and the success in the coming final exams


In line with the decisions of the higher education council , the finals will be online using the platform


The student can enter the exam platform the same way he could log in to his E-learning  platform by using his university number and the personal password, This platform will open for medical students between 1-3 pm only. and the exam will be available just at the times written in the curriculum of final exams attached in this circular. Once the student logged in she/he will find all the subjects she/he registered in the first and second semesters. So we urge our student to revise his registered courses in the platform to be sure that all the courses she/he will apply for their exams are in his account. If any course in unavailable the student has to show up in the faculty campus and take a letter for the admission and registeration department to register this course to be available in his account before the exam.


All the exams will be held at the times and dates in the table attached to this circular.


All the exams and as usual will be in the form of Multiple choices questions (MCQs)


Number of questions in the exams are as follows:

 6 th year major courses: 100 questions  ( duration: two hours)

5th year minor courses: 50 questions (duration: one hour)

5th year sub major courses: 60 questions (duration: 70 minutes)

5th year major( Obs. and Gyne) 100 questions ( duration: two hours

4th year all courses 100 questions (duration: two hours



All the exams in all courses will be done as multiple forms


All the exams will be in a (one-way pattern MCQ exam), which means you have a one try to answer this question, once you skipped it or moved to the next question you cannot go back to the old question, so you have to answer the question the best as you know before moving to another question.



If you faced any technical problem with the exam platform or you couldn't log in to it, you have to apply by e mail letter from your university e mail (during the 24 hours since the exam start time). This letter should be directed to the following doctors (cc. e mail letter):

1- the course coordinator  the mail addresses of all CMS departemnt doctors are written in the table in this page

2- Dr. Mohammad Al Zoubi ( the dean assistant for clinical sciences) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3- Dr. Muntaser AlOmari ( The coordinator of clinical education) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No letter concerning this issue will be accepted after the 24 hour margin. 

Any (Incomplete) exam will be held inside the campus, not online


Any student who has a problem regarding internet availability or personal lap top, computer or smart phone availability can request an in-campus place from the deanship before the exams. The deanship will ensure a place inside the faculty campus where he can do his exams in a suitable way.

The following is the table of the exams of all the clinical years ( 4th, 5th and 6th) with the day, date, starting time and duration of each exam. 



exam curriculum 2021