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An agreement of collaboration between Yarmouk University and International Medical Corps (IMC) was signed today.This agreement is in the field of mental health and risk factors. The agreement was signed by Prof. Nabeel Heilat , the president of the university and Dr. Ahmad Bawaneh, the representative of the IMC in Jordan. The signing ceremony was attended by the vice President Prof. Mowaffaq Al-Omoosh and the Dean of Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Khaldoon Bashaireh.

This agreement will  positively reflect on the training of our medical students in the IMC clinics which are widespred in the minisitry of health hospitals and clinics as well as in the IMC hospitals in the refugee camps in Jordan. This will increase the exposure of medical students to different and various cases that are not usually present in the psychiatry clinics like the mental health of people who lived in dangerous situations as wars. and who were exposed to exile or forced immigration. Another benifit in the near future will be available in the term of  psychiatry academic training before and after graduation. 

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Date of publication: 20-4-2021



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