Under the patronage of Faculty of medicine in collaboration with the deanship of students affairs , A group of medical students under the umbrella of the faculty of Medicine -YU  and the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations - Jordan (IFMSA-Jo) held an awareness activity about breast cancer and the importance of early screening. The activity was held on Tuesday 29/10/2019 in Prince Al Hussein Ben Abdullah halls complex. 

The activity was attended by university female and male students from different specialties and faculties who were educated about the importance of early screening in breast cancer , the symptoms and the course of this disease. Brochures and pink ribbons were distributed. The activity was a part of IFMSA activities in coordination with the faculty of medicine and was supervised by Dr. Mohammad Akram Awwad from the faculty.

The deans of faculty of medicine Prof. Wesam Shihadeh and deanship of students affairs Dr. Amal Nusair honored the activity with their care. They talked to the students and listened to their comments.