Yarmouk University, through the Faculty of Medicine, held formal agreements with various medical bodies for the purpose of clinical training for its students.



Hospitals of the Ministry of Health:

1. Princess Basma Educational Hospital / Irbid

2. Princess Rahma Hospital / Irbid

3. Princess Badeeah Hospital / Irbid                                                            

4. Yarmouk Hospital / Bani Kenana district

5. Jerash Governmental Hospital/ Jerash

6. Al Iman hospital/ Ajloun 

7. ِA Number of  comprehensive health centers in the Governorate of Irbid

The purpose of this agreement is to upgrade the level of health services presented to the patients in the above mentioned hospitals through the experience exchange in all medical specialties between MOH staff and our faculty staff.



- Royal Medical Services Hospitals:

1.  King Hussein Medical Center- KHMC / Amman   

2. Prince Rashid Hospital / Irbid

3. Princess Haya military hospital / Ajloun


- King Hussein Cancer Center - KHCC 

The agreement allows the medical students to do clinical rotations in this reputable  medical center supervised by the KHCC consultants .


Jordan University of Science and Technology - JUST

In June, 2019 A collaboration agreement between Yarmouk university and JUST in the aspects of medical experts exchange and medical research. 


International Medical Corps - IMC


 The agreement allows the medical students to do clinical rotations in the corporation's clinics spread in MOH and refugee camps in fields of mental health especially people in critical situations like wars and forced immigration.

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