Faculty Events

A free medical day within the open day at the Model School of the University of Yarmouk

Under the auspices of President of Yarmouk University, and within the framework of Community Health Education Service, the Faculty of Medicine set up a free medical day on Thursday 05/05/2016 as part of the Open Day at the Model School of the University of Yarmouk.

Outstanding students under the supervision of Dr.Ehab Thebyan had participated in the event, which included the measurement of blood sugar, blood pressure, and pulse rate. The students also provided the necessary information to participants concerning health education about blood pressure, diabetes and its symptoms that necessitate checking with the doctors to get the right diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

The attendance included faculty members of  Yarmouk University,  as well as staff, workers, and teachers of the Model School and the parents of students together with students of the school.