Faculty Agreements

The University of Yarmouk has held formal agreements with several medical entities for purpose of clinical training of the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine, namely with:

  • Ministry of Health Hospitals :
  1. Princess Basma Teaching Hospital / Irbid
  2.  Princess Rahma Hospital / Irbid
  3. Princess Badee'aa Hospital / Irbid
  4. Yarmouk Hospital in Bani Kinana
  5.  Al-Eman Hospital, Ajlun
  • Royal Medical Services Hospitals:
  1. Prince Rashid Hospital / Irbid
  2. Princess Haya Hospital / Ajloun
  3. Retail military hospital
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology:

- The Founder King Hospital, Irbid

These agreements would provide substantial mutual benefits by updating knowledge and skills, exchange of experience between staff and academics, and providing high quality healthcare to local people.