Faculty Events

A presentation entitled (How to be a successful doctor)

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Bani Hani , Director General of King Abdullah University Hospital gave a presentation entitled “How to be a successful doctor “ at the Faculty of Medicine / Yarmouk University. Prof. Bani Hani explained to the students that the doctor must be a human in the first place and then to be a doctor. He also stressed on the importance of moral character when dealing with patients.

My chute Initiative

The Faculty of Medicine through the Committee on Public Health of the/ International Federation of Medical Students in Jordan Yarmouk University Branch (IFMSA JO_YUL_SCOPH,) held an Awareness Campaign about anemia at the college/university campus on Thursday 03/10/2016 from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

The number of volunteers reached 12 members of the Union. The campaign included a definition of the disease and its symptoms, treatment and how to prevent it. The campaign...

A free medical day within the open day at the Model School of the University of Yarmouk

Under the auspices of President of Yarmouk University, and within the framework of Community Health Education Service, the Faculty of Medicine set up a free medical day on Thursday 05/05/2016 as part of the Open Day at the Model School of the University of Yarmouk.

Outstanding students under the supervision of Dr.Ehab Thebyan had participated in the event, which included the measurement of blood sugar, blood pressure, and pulse rate. The students also provided the necessary...

Medical Campaign at Yarmouk "Your food is your medicine"

Organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at Yarmouk University Medical campaign entitled "Videos Watch your medicine" in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at the university, in order to educate students diseases caused by food poisoning, a one-day.

The campaign educating students the concepts of food contamination, pollution of water, and can look and ways to reduce them, as well as to guide the students need to maintain health, and introduce them to the causes of...